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Please note that this documentation is outdated.

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Your settings are groupped into six data groups:

User Identification - this data is used by the system to log you in. The username will be used only at login, afterwards your full name will be used to identify you. You can change all these fileds at any time, but you should be honest.

Contact Information - this data group is used when you subscribe to be a client of an other user. As the first step of the subscription, your contact information will be disclosed to the user, which than can decide to enable or disable your subscription.

Calendar / Shop - you can customize how your calendar should display the day view. The start and end hours are the default values, should there be an event before the start hour or after the end hour, the scale will be automatically extended.
The default Shop Download Counter and Download Expiry Date are used when a client buys some of your photos. When you confirm the purchase, you have the option to provide a download facility to the user, so that he/she can download the purchased item online, where the number of downloads are limited by the Download Counter and the download itself expires within the specified time interval that extends from 1 day to 3 years.

Photo Browser - you can customize how many items you want to display on a page. Say you have a 24" SGI monitor and you want to use the browser full screen displaying as many slides as possible. You might want to set the number of columns to 10.

Photo Upload - when uploading photos, a thubnail and a preview image is generated for each photo. The size of these scaled-down version are set in the include/config.php file, but you can customize many other aspects of the thumbnails and the preview. These controls are especially useful when uploading non jpeg pictures that might be in a wierd color space or need some gamma adjustment. Additionally, if the Copyright Statement box is filled in, that statement will be applied on all photos.

Printer - you can select the paper and label type you use most of the time. When printing, these types will be automatically selected as default values. You can also specify the printer format. There is also a Copyright Statement, which is different from the one above. This statement is shorter and will be printed on labels and in the brochures. The current year and the © sign are automatically appended in front of the statement.

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