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Before adding any equipment you will have to add your manufacturers first. If there are already registered users then you will be able to see all of the manufacturers they have already added into the system, and most likely you will find the right manufacturer, so you can skip this section.

In case you cannot find your manufacturer, go to the end of the My Profile page, and add your manufacturer. The new manufacturer you just added will become visible to other users, but you will be in charge of maintaining it. You can edit the manufacturer information at any time but can remove it only if nobody references it anymore.

Managing lenses, cameras, flashes ... is very similar, therefore I will present how to add, modify or delete a lens only.


Click on the Add link in the Lenses table. This will open up a new window where you can enter the details of your new lens. Yet again, you will notice that there might be already some lenses in the Lens Types table (introduced by your fellow users).

The idea behind Lens Types is that this way, once a lens has been defined, say Micro Nikkor 2.8/60 AFD it can be used by other users to refer to the same kind of lens. Existing lens types can be filtered by manufacturers, in case there would be too many.

If you can find your lens type, select it by clicking on the appropriate radio button. Should you not find the desired lens type, you should select the radio button belonging to the New Lens Type table and fill out the fields. For instance you are trying to define a new lens of the type Micro Nikkor 2.8/60 AFD. You will select Nikon, as the manufacturer, filling out the Model field with Micro Nikkor AF in our case and with Variation D. Since this lens has a fixed focal length and a fixed minimum aperture, you should select in both aperture combos 2.8 and in both focal length combos 60.
Then fill out the Lens Specific Data, the Serial Number, Date of Purchase and most importantly set the Access Rights. Finally press the Add button, which will create a new lens type and a new lens.


Clicking on the Edit link next to a lens, will open a dialog to edit the lens and lens type details. Please note that if you want to modify the Lens Type, you have to select the radio button next to the Edit Lens Type table, otherwise the old lens type values will be saved. When editing the lens type, the Edit Lens Type table isn't selected but filled with the current lens type details.

After entering your changes press the Save Changes button and you will be redirected to the equipment page.


Clicking on the Delete link next to a lens, will open a dialog to delete the lens. Beforehand the system will check if the lens is referenced by other users. If it is, you will be notified and the removal will not be allowed.

If there are no references to the lens, a confirmation dialog is opened, where the you can inspect the lens data before removing it from the system. After pressing the Confirm delete button, the system will remove the lens.


Lens types are managed automatically by the system. When creating a new lens, and the lens type information is filled out, a new lens type will be created.

When removing a lens, the lens type will be deleted only if no other lens of that type exist in the system.

Editing a lens (including its type) will do the following:

  • if no other lens of this type exists in the system, a new lens type will be created.
  • if other lenses of this type already exists in the system, the lens type will be modified

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