Help : Registration

Please note that this documentation is outdated.

Visit the Photo Organizer Wiki for current documentation. This will be fixed in a future release.



Photo Organizer is a multi user environment, therefore before using the system you must create a user account. Each user account is password protected and is identified by a unique user name. The registration form is accessible via the login dialog; click on the Login tab then on the Register button.

The bold fields are mandatory. Beside these fields, the system will store your contact information which will be used when the you register as a client with another user. Before disclosing your contact information the system will warn you and ask for confirmation.

Depending on your systems configuration, when you create a new account that might be a user or a client account. The difference between these accounts is that for a client accounts the photo upload is disabled and entitles it's owner only to register with other users and gain access to their protected photos.

For user accounts photo upload is enabled, but other features like (bulk upload, shop module or the xml tools) might be enabled/disabled, depending on the default values your system administrator set up for new users.


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