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  • Balint Kis - The original author of Photo Organizer.
  • Solomon Peachy - for patches and bug fixes (Solomon is now the maintainer)
  • Jake Olefsky - for creating the EXIFER metadata parser.
  • Thomas Wenrich - for patches and bug fixes.
  • Propix - many thanks to Trond Båshus and Morten Brakestad for their technical and extensive material support.
  • Dave Coffin - for creating the dcraw RAW image decoder.
  • Matt Harrington - special thanks goes to Matt for writing an install guide for OpenBSD, besides many tips and bug reports.
  • Thomas Graf - for the file upload security patch.
  • Walter Zorn - for the JavaScript tool tips in the folder, album and search browsers.
  • Bernhard Hoeflechner - for his creative ideas and solutions regarding content management and the upgrade script.
  • Dom Savage - for his suggestions and help in testing the software.
  • You - for using Photo Organizer!


    This software is free software, and it is distributed under to the GNU General Public License. The software was originally written by Balint Kis and by the contributors listed above.

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