Building modern Gutenprint on a Raspberry Pi

Last updated 2020-12-15

How to build modern Gutenprint on a Raspberry Pi

The Gutenprint release bundled with current Raspbian releases is outdated. It lacks support for more recently-added printers, and is missing various accumulate bugfixes that may or may not matter for any given printer.

This is how one would go about updating a current Debian/Raspbian system with current Gutenprint code, the latest backend fixes, and the various libraries and data files needed to print on selected printers.

# Gain root
sudo su -
# Remove existing gutenprint packages
apt remove gutenprint*
# Install necessary development libraries
apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev libcups2-dev
# Download latest gutenprint snapshot from sourceforge
curl -o gutenprint-5.3.4-2020-11-30T01-00-0e18d161.tar.xz ""
# Decompress & Extract
tar -xJf gutenprint-5.3.4-2020-11-30T01-00-0e18d161.tar.xz
# Compile gutenprint
cd gutenprint-5.3.4-2020-11-30T01-00-0e18d161
./configure --without-doc
make -j4
make install
cd ..
# Get the latest selphy_print code
git clone git://
# Compile selphy_print
cd selphy_print
make -j4 
make install
# Set up library include path
echo "/usr/local/lib" > /etc/
# Restart CUPS
service cups restart 
# FiN