Sony UP-D711MD

A few days ago, I committed support for the Sony UP-D711MD thermal printer. There's not much to say about this little thing beyond the basic specs; it uses 84mm thermal paper and is used in all sorts of scientific and medical contexts. It operates at 300dpi, unlike the 325dpi of Sony's other thermal models.


I figured it would be appropriate to use a medical image for this test. Say hello to Dracula, my ex-wife's constipated (ex-)Iguana.

I didn't exhaustively test the UP-711AD's options but it works well enough to move it off my desk.

If you wish to use this printer, you'll need a Gutenprint snapshot dated on or after 2022-10-26.

I'd still like to add support for the UP-9xxAD series of printers to complete the Sony thermal set, but they're too expensive to qualify for lowball impulse eBay bidding, and most of my attention these days is going to meatspace projects.

As always, happy printing.

2023-10-29 UPDATE: It's the UP-D711MD, not 771