Mitsubishi CP30DW


The Mitsubishi CP30DW is a specialized printer, intended for medical applications that require color imaging, primarily endoscopy.

As it is an older design, it uses a protocol quite similar to the old CP9xxx family, but with some headache-inducing deviations that required some substantial surgery in the cp9xxx backend.

After a couple of evenings of effort, everything is now committed into Gutenprint; snapshots dated 2020-12-06 or later incorporate all of the bug fixes and other improvements. Use of the 3D LUT functionality will require using the lib70x image processing library.

Note that not all features are implemented. Notably missing:

  • Sharpening -- this will require reverse-engineering Mitsubishi's drivers. At first glance it appears to be similar to sharpening algorithm used by the CP9800-series, which is also unimplemented.
  • Remaining prints/copies before job is complete. So far there appears to be no way to query this.
  • Lifetime or any other sort of print or maintenance counter.
  • Error conditions are detected but only a handful of specific errors are decoded.

As an aside, the reason I worked on this specific printer was because I found a "not working or for parts" example (with some media) on eBay for very cheap. Most of the printers on my list, especially the newer models, are pretty expensive, and not something I can fund out of pocket. Donations, contract driver work, and/or loaner printers make a big difference.