Kodak & Sinfonia Updates

Over the last month or so I've been doing a lot of work on the Shinko/Sinfonia printer codebases, with the goal of unifying and re-using code that is identical between the various models. This will make adding new printers easier, and also reduces the opportunity for bugs.

I've about reached the end of the second phase, with a net reduction of about 1600 lines of code. This is in spite of adding quite a bit of functionality to the Kodak 605 backend.

Meanwhile, last week I briefly had access to a Kodak 7000 and a Kodak 8810 printer. I learned enough to add preliminary support for them into the codebase, and while I believe status queries, media reporting, and printing should now work, printing has yet to be confirmed.

The Kodak 6900 and Sinfonia S3/S2245 also landed some experimental support, but I expect there's still quite a bit of effort required to get things to the point where everything works properly.

Anyway. to make a long story short, there has been a great deal of churn in the codebase, and I only have access to two of the affected models.
Here is the full list:

  • CIAAT Brava 21
  • Kodak 605
  • Kodak 6800
  • Kodak 6850
  • Kodak 7000, 7010, and 7015
  • Kodak 8810
  • Kodak 6900
  • HiTi M610 (Not the X610!)
  • HiTi P910L
  • Sinfonia E1 / CHC-S1245
  • Sinfonia S2 / CHC-S2145
  • Sinfonia CS2 / CHC-S6145
  • Sinfonia CE1 / CHC-S6245
  • Sinfonia S3 / CHC-S2245

As always, if you have access to one, send me an email. Or better yet, a printer!

Update 2019/06/05 -- Added HiTi M610 as another S2245 variant

Update 2019/08/12 -- Marked off the models that are confirmed working