Kodak 7000/7010/7015 and 8810

I'm pleased to announce that the recent Gutenprint 5.3.3 release includes nearly-complete support for Kodak 7000/7010/7015 and 8810 printers. This effort has led to enhancements and bug fixes in other Sinfonia models, most notably the Kodak 605 and Sinfonia CE1/CHC-S6245, but all models have seen further robustness improvements.

I say 'nearly complete' because over the last couple of weeks, I've been enhancing their capabilities beyond the features exposed by their Windows drivers, notably:

  • Additional print sizes (eg multi-cut sizes on the 8810)
  • Back-printing support for the Kodak 7010/7015 models Note: completely untested, likely broken!


Last week I stumbled upon a major bug in Gutenprint's dyesub driver core. It's a very old bug, going back all the way to the beginning, resulting in an incorrect gamma curve being applied. It's now fixed, yielding visibly improved output, with better contrast and tonal range. It's win-win-win!

To get this fix you will need a post-5.3.3 release, snapshot, or compile the code out of revision control.