HiTi Prinhome P461

It's been a while since I've talked about anything printing-related. That's mostly been due to not a whole lot happening, but lately I got the bug again, and not-so-coincidentally actually have a place to set things back up again!

So, as of a couple of days ago, the HiTi P461 is now working under Linux:


There are still some quirks -- I don't have matte mode and HQ mode working just yet, but that's a matter of obtaining some more sniffs once I have local access to a Windows PC again.

In related news, several bugs relating to the HiTi P510 series and P525 have been fixed this year, and they're confirmed working. Reverse engineering work on the v2 Heat Tables continues slowly.

Additionally, since my last printer-related update, the Kodak 605. Canon SELPHY CP1500, and DNP QW410 have seen improvements. All of this is committed to upstream Gutenprint, though the HiTi data files will have to come out of the selphy_print repository.

As always, donations to the printer fund are highly appreciated, and if there's anyone reading this with a line into HiTi, I'd welcome a dialog.

Happy printing!