Fujifilm DX100

And now time for something not-so-completely different.


Gutenprint now has proper support for the Fujifilm DX100, and its Epson SureLab D700 sibling. This thing is an inkjet, and a lot more finicky than the dye-sublimation models I usually work with.

In the middle is the first test print that actually resulted in the printer doing something other than complaining. It was supposed to be a 6x8" print, and came out with a mangled image and was so over-saturated that ink was puddling on the paper.

Still, that was a success, and once I got past the size hurdle, and was able to start attempting to tune things. The stack grew to 112 6x8 test prints (using about 30 meters of paper) before I was happy enough with the tuning to try the Hubble porn on the right.

I still haven't figured out how to query the status of the waste ink tank, the paper type, or how much remains, but that will come in the fullness of time... and an ever-larger pile of prints.