What I did over the past week LXXIV

Not a lot to talk about this week; final winding-down of my Philips job and the run-up to Christmas.


  • Swept up several more loads of leaves. Finally making a difference
  • Additional cleaning in the home office and around the house


  • Fixed an IPv6 reachability problem due to ISP's router masquerading the outbound tunnel

Tick Farm:

  • Took apart the toilet and replaced all of its guts and seals after rinsing out the layers of crud
  • Well pump appears to be working properly; however it cycles off and on far too quickly. I suspect the pressure vessel is partially clogged with mud and gunk, but I'm not quite sure how to go about trying to clean it out just yet


  • Found out the VM will be forcibly migrated later this week. Still don't have the new IPs yet. I hate last-minute shit like this, especially when I've been out of town