What I did over the past week LXXIII


  • Cleaned out most of the soon-to-be-former-employer-related stuff from my home office. There are still a few things left to bring back in, but I'll take care of that when I go back in to turn in my badge and sign the final discharge paperwork


  • Lit up another one of the FatTwin's nodes, with a pair of 10 core CPUs. This one's going to be hosting virtual machines, though it'll eventually need more disks and RAM. Just what I need, another heat source in my home office...


  • Fix RTL language file generation (Arabic & Hebrew) that I broke back in July... of 2020
  • Closed several dozen obsolete bug tickets and convinced others to triage some of the older stuff
  • Minor tweaks to the translation site
  • Merged in some updated translations
  • Enabled nightly voice generation for Turkish