What I did over the past two weeks LXXII

It's been an eventful couple of weeks. Trying to wind down the Philips gig while simultaneously preparing for one final technology demo has meant for some long hours, and then there's the time spent trying to find a new job and negotiating more printer work. My official last day is the 31st but my effective final day is the 17th due to non-reimbursable sick time needing to be used up.

There have been some cool developments on the job front but I'm not in a position to talk about any of it yet. In the mean time, here's the more mundane goings-on:


  • Storage rearrangement and consolidation in the home office
  • Storage consolidation in the garage
  • Installed some makeshift shoe shelves
  • Hung some additional hooks in the kitchen area
  • OMG SO..MANY..LEAVES... The house was half-buried, the driveway was nearly invisible, and parts of the yard had over a foot of leaves. Over the weekend I swept up eight loads and shoveled 10 bags to be hauled away, and by Monday morning it seemed worse than before I'd started. As an aside, Running my electric leaf blower off of a generator seems to yield the both of both worlds..


  • Patch review, including cleaning up some breakage
  • Some work on the theme website
  • Fixed some issues on the wiki due to missing Perl modules
  • Restarted hosted VM when it kernel panicked (!) while I was working on the wiki issues
  • Further work on the foswiki 2.x migration
  • Security update to the gerrit instance
  • Some semi-automated cleanup of a few strings