What I did over the past week LXXI

No software hackery this time around. All of my attention was spent in meatspace...


  • Thanksgiving. Made my best turkey, pecan pie, and green bean casserole EVAR
  • Blew leaves off the roof and the perimeter of the house, and swept up half a dozen or so loads. Tis the season, apparently


  • Adjusted the truck's headlights upwards a little bit
  • Replaced the barely-used brake pads on the WRX with ones that actually work. After some bedding-in, it's night and day versus the older pads
  • Oil change on the WRX
  • Replaced the truck's master cylinder (again) with the correct model this time. It actually stops now, but still needs further bleeding or other adjustments, but I'll deal with that when I replace the rear pads