What I did over the past two weeks LXX

I got very little done during the first week of this period. Just as a FYI, don't get a flu shot and COVID-19 booster at the same time!


  • Cleaned off the roof and swept up something like six loads of leaves and acorns
  • Cleaned up my home office; everything is now up off the floor and properly stacked/stashed on shelves. Gave everything a much-needed vacuuming


  • Fixed an unexpected mail delivery problem due to the ISP's modem masquerading all outbound connections from my public IP block...WTF? Corrected the SPF records to include the full IP range


  • Swapped out the truck's brake master cylinder and vacuum booster as the old one was leaking. Two quarts of fluid, three bench bleedings, and a malfunctioning (and subsequently deleted) RWAL solenoid later, I discovered that I'd purchased the wrong replacement master cylinder. The correct one is now on order and should be here Tuesday.
  • Additionally, during one of several gravity bleeding sessions, I inspected and cleaned the rear brakes, discovering that the bottom third of one of the trailing shoes had broken off. A new set of shoes will be here by Wednesday (and will be a real PITA to install...) but everything else looked okay
  • The WRX's brakes are fucked up, with the new pads glazed over due to my improperly bedding them in. It can still stop okay at low speeds but it's downright dangerous in traffic or on the highway. A new set of (different!) pads should be here Wednesday, and will be pretty quick to install. While I was inspecting everything I decided to do a four-corner bleed just in case; all seems to be well otherwise
  • The WRX got a full set of inner and outer tie rods installed, followed by a long-overdue alignment. Unfortunately, the shop reported that driving with the broken camber bolt damaged the strut's string perch, but a quick inspection didn't show anything obvious. It seems most likely that the damage is to the upper spring perch and/or top hat (ie the steering pivot point) but either way it's going to require disassembling the strut(s) to find out. The shop also claimed the power steering pump I just installed is failing. I don't have the time and/or budget to deal with all of this nonsense just yet.

All in all, more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Moral of the story? Don't take apart your working vehicle when the other one is out of commission. And double-check that you have the correct parts first!


  • A bunch of patch review and helping out folks on IRC
  • Minor cleanup on the jz47xx USB driver


  • Does vacuuming the cat hair off of the racks of printers count?