What I did over the past week LXIX


  • Minor yard work; inclement weather scrapped the plans to do more


  • Relocated shaftnet from the lab at my soon-to-be-former employer to my home office, along with the new IP address, and dealt with (most of) the fallout. There's still an issue with the ISP's modem that's causing some horrible latency swings
  • Migrated shaftnet off of its 12-year-old special snowflake 4U case (which saw three motherboard swaps over the years) onto one of the unused nodes in the FatTwin chassis in my rack. The storage stayed much the same, other than converting it to UEFI booting, XFS on all partitions, and the FatTwin's MegaRAID card instead of the 3Ware controllers I've used for twenty-odd years

Tick Farm:

  • Something's wrong with the well pump. And the toilet's guts are shot. These are probably related, but I don't have time to deal with this right now


  • Spliced the truck's new fan controller's temperature sensor into the upper radiator hose instead of wedged into the radiator itself
  • New (not re-manufactured!) brake booster and master cylinder for the truck ordered and delivered, but were not installed due to crappy weather and the desire to wait until the WRX was back from the shop
  • The WRX now has new inner and outer tie rod ends, but is still out of commission owing to a broken eccentric camber adjusting bolt discovered during the alignment. That broken bolt was probably the initial failure that could have gone much more badly.


  • On the xDuoo X3ii, ignore "remote" events when the headphone is not plugged in
  • Some patch review


  • Allow the backend data files to be installed independently