What I did over the past week LXVIII


  • Mounted some improvised shoe racks into Sari's closet
  • More yard cleanup
  • Incremental garage cleanup


  • Migrated the last of the non-photo-related data; just have to move the (already backed-up) photos off the big array


  • Truck almost boiled over again as the cooling fans refused to kick in. The root cause turned out to be a nearly-10-year-old vampire tap that was supposed to supply power to the fan controller, but I only found that after completely ripping out the old fan controller and its over-complicated wiring (along with a nearly-melted 40A fuse!) and replaced it with a completely different dual-fan controller that I hope proves to be more robust.
  • Greased every serviceable fitting on the front end in an attempt to silence the worsening squeaking. I'm pretty sure every ball joint needs replacing due to leaking boots, but the ones that attach to the steering drag link appear to be the worst
  • Discovered the truck's brake master cylinder is leaking out the rear seal, into the vacuum booster. Going to have to deal with that sooner rather than later, but I want to get the WRX drivable again first
  • Got a new set of tires mounted on the WRX (Falken FK510 in 225/45R17) Discovered the outer tie rod on the passenger side was one pothole from complete disintegration


  • Fixed inverted "fast return" behavior, and allow it to be explicitly controlled via an environment variable
  • Added support for querying the maintenance cartridge level on the Epson D700 / Fujifilm DX100