What I did over the past week LXVII

This is a big update, trying to deal with the backlog now that I'm feeling somewhat better.

In other news, Philips decided to shut down their Gainesville operations and completely flush everything in our R&D pipeline. My last day is New Year's eve.... So I'm now looking for work. This has been the other reason my updates have been relatively sparse lately


  • Cleaned off the accumulated leaves all over the roof and gutters
  • Leaf blower conked out again, and while trying to get it going the recoil starter broke. This was the last straw, and it's now in the trash can, replaced with a corded electric blower that packs far more oomph. Used it to cleaned up the driveway and other areas near the house
  • Swept up six loads of leaves, and can barely tell the difference
  • Cut up a large hunk of fallen tree that somehow didn't take out anything other than a banana spider's web
  • Burned up about two thirds of the accumulated pile of kindling
  • Carefully pulled up most of the poison ivy around the woodpile and burn barrel. Unfortunately, the area cleared by the goats is almost a lost cause
  • Made more progress on the garage; it's almost to the point of being tidy
  • Vacuumed up enough hair out of my office to make another cat


  • OS upgrade (to Fedora 34)
  • Got rid of unnecessary "home network" stuff like resolving DNS and masquerading
  • Continued emptying out the "big" RAID5 array
  • Got remote stats monitoring working again for taster & ixodidae
  • Moved Shaftnet's UPS back home and racked it up


  • Replaced the windshield on the WRX with one of those come-to-you services. When the old one was out, we found the source of the leaks -- a couple rust spots underneath the paint. Ground it all out before they put the new windshield in, huzzah
  • Cleaned out some of the gunk from the steering rack gears. Ultimately unsuccessful, unfortunately. And the tire that's badly worn is not the one that's leaking


  • Migrated to a wildcard TLS certificate