What I did over the past week LXIV


  • Got reverse DNS entries created for my new IP range at home
  • Set up a temporary DNS server on Shaftnet's new IP, to help minimize service disruption when the migration occurs
  • Got a new Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel set up on Shaftnet's new IP
  • Everything is now ready for the move!


  • Swapped the power steering pump in the WRX, and flushed over two quarts of fresh ATF (and a bit of seafoam) through the system to try and get out all of the gunk. Unfortunately, while the new pump is quiet and the steering feel is much improved, it's still inconsistent, which unfortunately implies something binding up in the steering rack itself
  • Replaced the aftermarket center high stop light on the truck; its lens was clouded up and disintegrating and had cracked open on one side. As an added bonus, this one was actually wired properly!


  • Wrote a script to re-generate the relative build scores used to schedule the distributed build system, resulting in about a 10% bump in "efficiency" and slightly more fair handouts
  • Fixed an issue compiling the UI simulator under Windows
  • Migrated the remaining services over to the new VPS, including both the front end and backend of the build farm, bug tracker, and wiki
  • Some patch review and bug triage


  • Rework how Gutenprint advertises CUPS command support, and properly advertise the capabilities of the existing Epson escp2 family driver
  • Hook up CUPS command Level Reporting to most dye-sublimation printers supported by Gutenprint. This functionality has been in the backend for some time, but it's now finally usable