What I did over the past week LXIII


  • More tweaks to the bird feeder arrangement; tightened everything up, changed how the existing feeders hang, and then added a suet block as an experiment
  • Registered another domain for a secret project.. :D
  • Finally got Windstream to properly assign me a new IP block, which only took four days of daily calling. Called back today about Reverse DNS entries, and ... suffice it to say my opinion is decreasing further
  • Upgraded one of the unused nodes on the FatTwin in preparation for ShaftNet's eventual migration back home (Faster CPUs, 10GbE, USB3)


  • Replaced the valve cover on the RTV900, again. This one has a working breather valve, ending the excess pressure building up in the crankcase. Also confirmed there is no sign of coolant in the oil, huzzah
  • Replaced the clutch hydraulics on the WRX, again. It's nice to have that thing driving again. Unfortunately the power steering pump is on its last legs, making a horrible racket that is most likely from a failing bearing.. Replacement ordered..


  • Migrated the theme, translation, and forum sites to the new VPS
  • Merged some updated translations
  • Fixed some bad character encoding configuration on the www site
  • Tweaks to the www theme to pull more stuff into CSS
  • Make the --no-ccache configure option work for HOSTCC and sim builds
  • Patch review & discussions


  • A few more fixes for the Fujifilm DX100