What I did over the past week LXII


  • Got the leaf blower running.. for about 15 minutes before the carb gunked itself up again. Fortunately that was enough to get most of what needed doing sorted out
  • Got Windstream to upgrade my internet connection to the highest the lines will support, which is now ~45Mbps down and ~8mbps up. Also put in an order to go from 1 static IP to a block of 5, so I can put shaftnet on its own IP, isolated from the other household stuff
  • Misc server equipment swaps and upgrades in preparation for bringing shaftnet home. My plan is to transfer the disk image to one of the unused nodes in this SuperMicro FatTwin box, and then to move the guts of what is currently shaftnet into a smaller, 2U case. There's no date set for this yet, though I'd like to make it happen by the end of September.


  • Clutch hydraulics failed four days after their warranty expired. Geez, it's always something with that car... back to driving the truck again!


  • Outbound @rockbox.org email is now working
  • Set up a few @rockbox.org email accounts for trusted developers
  • Finished basic bringup of the VPS and initial data transfer
  • Manually migrated the VPS from one data center to another, giving us both IPv4 & IPv6 addresses, plus more disk space
  • Migrated download.rockbox.org to the new VPS
  • Migrated git & gerrit to the new VPS
  • Fixed mail relaying for the new VPS
  • Some patch review


  • Sony UP-971AD (and probably UP-991AD) now work!