What I did over the past week LXI

Between a stomach bug going around and work-related drama, I didn't get very much done this past week. What work drama, you might ask? To make an ongoing story short, Philips has decided to axe all MRI activities in Gainesville, including my small research group, effectively flushing three years of effort down the drain.

Thanks to some golden handcuffs, my last day there is December 31st, and I'm actively looking for what comes next. Fortunately, after 18 months of COVID-forced work-from-home in the industry, it's going to be really hard for prospective employers to claim that I'd need to relocate in order to be effective, but I'm also strongly looking into hanging up my own shingle and doing miscellaneous contract work for a while.

On a shorter-term basis, since the server hosting my entire online presence is sitting in the lab at my soon-to-be-former employer, I'm working on finding it a new home. I'll also use this transition as an opportunity to downsize the guts into a smaller case with a different storage configuration.

As shaftnet will most likely end up at home on a residential DSL line with far less available bandwidth than before, I need to find a new home for the high-bandwidth stuff I've been hosting -- namely Rockbox. That'll most likely end up on a dedicated VPS, but that effort is still ongoing.

Anyway, back to the usual (if a bit short) update.


  • Migrated music server off of shaftnet (to home server)
  • Migrated original/full-res photos off (also to home server), leaving only ~550GB of down-scaled images remaining on the secondary RAID array before it can be retired. Final disposition of photo site TBD

  • Swept up a few loads of leaves, got a BIG black widow out of the garage, and some minor yard work


  • Took over rockbox.org DNS and mail services
  • New VPS spun up to host most Rockbox services; work is progressing
  • Some patch review