What I did over the past week LVIII


  • Dryer failed with a bang. Turned out to be a bad wire crimp going to the heating element, causing it to overheat and eventually fail. Cut away the damaged wire, and crimped on a new connector. Then it started squeaking. Arrrgh...
  • Good weather made it possible to finally burn up most of the accumulated kindling that's fallen around the yard over the past couple of months
  • Vacuumed up enough cat hair out of my home office to make another cat


  • Truck's ABS issue self-corrected itself, which pretty conclusively points the issue at the solenoid unit. A local dirt road showed the ABS is working properly, but it seems prudent to obtain the parts to fix it properly at sometime in the near future
  • Swapped the original stop solenoid back onto the Kubota, after transferring the (intact) rubber boot from the new one. It now shuts down immediately after turning off the ignition, instead of a five-plus second slow roll off. That's what I get for picking up generic ChinaInc(tm) crap off of eBay


  • Nuked the barely-more-than-a-stub Tatung TPJ-1102 port
  • Misc patch review


  • Some minor improvements in the lib70x library, relating to rewind functionality on the Kodak 305, Mitsubishi K60, and D80
  • Added support for the old Sony UP-CX1. It's basically the same print engine as the UP-CR10L, plus Matte support
  • Added support for 4x6" Sticker media to the Shinko CHC-S2145
  • Landed core ESC/P2 driver changes needed to support the Fujifilm DX100 nee Epson SureLab D700
  • Bug fixes and improvements to escputil; many more error/status codes and functioning ink level reporting on the DX100
  • Landed support for the DX100! It's reasonably well tuned for HQ mode on Luster paper, but will need additional tuning for other combinations