What I did over the past week LVII


  • Ran both generators for an hour under load, and changed their oil
  • Got the mower running again
  • Cleaned up another load of branches and burned some of the growing pile
  • Swapped out Shaftnet's motherboard for one that's five years newer, gaining 33% more cores (that are 20-45% faster), 2x the RAM, and 20% lower power consumption


  • Swapped the truck's ABS controller for a second-hand one... and the same code popped up, despite repeated code clearing attempts. While it's possible that both controllers are fried in the same manner, it's more likely that the valve body is actually at fault. I've put off further work on this for the time being


  • Fixed several more coverity-identified issues and triaged many more
  • A lot of patch review
  • Filtered system/internal updates from front page wiki history
  • Minor updates to the www site


  • Kodak 8800/9810 is now working
  • Major progress on the Fujifilm DX100; it now prints! Granted, the ink levels are all out of whack and there are still several hacks in the code that need to be properly addressed, but.. it prints!