What I did over the past week LVI


  • 10 Gigabit network now running in the home office. It's just two nodes for now but more will follow
  • Dryer is now back in service, with all new felt seals, glide strips, and re-lubed rollers
  • Yard cleanup -- Pulled down more dead vines, gathered up a lot of fallen branches, and other miscellany
  • Cut up the 20-foot-long hunk of tree that broke off last week, as well as several smaller pieces that had come down previously. The pile of firewood is considerably larger now!
  • The chainsaw unexpectedly needed some service; on my first cut the chain jumped off the bar, and when trying to get it back together I discovered the gear/clutch mechanism was seriously gunked up. After using up the last of my brake cleaner to help clean everything, I had to file down nicks and dings on much of the chain so it would glide smoothly in the bar channel

Tick Farm:

  • Got an unusually large power bill, so decided to pop up there for a welfare check on the place. Everything seemed perfectly fine, except for the snake hanging out in the toilet. Best guess for what happened is that the snake caused the toilet (and thus the well pump) to run for nearly two straight weeks


  • Truck's ABS warning light kicked on, and after pulling the codes and undertaking some diagnostics, the conclusion is that the controller module has failed. They only made eleventy-bajillion of these things so I was able to find a cheap replacement on eBay, hopefully arriving next week
  • Re-attached the rear-view mirror on the WRX, yet again


  • Made our atoi() function handle NULLs properly
  • A lot of back-and-forth to narrow down some audio artifacts, which led to finding a very long-standing bug in the PCM soft-volume code
  • Misc patch review & discussion


  • Picked up a broken Kodak 8800/9810 on the cheap, and managed to resuscitate it to the point where it is able to successfully print. Unfortunately it looks like the printer will need a custom backend, due to a custom back-and-forth protocol that layers above the raw print spooler data. Unusually, Kodak provides a maintenance tool, which will make it a lot easier to implement advanced functionality
  • Started work on getting a Fujifilm DX100 (a re-branded Epson SureLab D700) to function with Gutenprint. I've been making good progress, with only a handful of open questions to answer before I try to build the necessary data tables to make the ESC/P2 driver happy