What I did over the past week LV


  • Finished installing the last of the gutter guards, and re-jiggered one of the complex corners. Replaced the Harbour Freight rivet gun that I broke with a heavy-duty Astro unit
  • Pressure-washed the mildew off two sides of the house and the garage door
  • Re-leveled the dishwasher. Had to shim the front feet due to uneven flooring under the counter, but now it's just about perfect
  • Disassembled the dryer for some cleaning, and discovered one of the felt seals was completely worn through. So it's still in pieces while I wait for a new set of felt seals and glide strips. I also cleaned and greased all of the rollers and their shafts


  • Cut about 1.25" off the end of the WRX's air intake pipe, providing a little more clearance for the air filter. This intake was one of the more questionable modifications made by a previous owner, as it was not intended for this application and was literally bouncing off the brake lines when I bought the car. My plan is to lob off a little more and then fabricate baffles so it can become a proper cold air intake, drawing from the wheel well instead of the engine bay
  • Bled off the excess refrigerant in the WRX's air conditioning, since I overcharged it the last time
  • Washed the WRX for the first time. The pressure washer and a foam cannon made this a lot easier, but the sheer amount of filth means another round will be needed before it's worth a waxing


  • Triaging and fixing some of the issues flagged in scan-build & coverity analysis
  • Tweaks to the build system to allow non-stable manuals to be generated
  • Wrote parts of the manual for the Eros Q/K, Rocker, X3ii, and X20
  • Wiki wedged itself, which took down the web server