What I did over the past week LII

This is the 52nd entry in this series, which means I've been doing this every week for a full year! I don't harbor any delusions thinking anyone out there finds my general goings-on interesting, but keeping this record has proven quite helpful for my own sanity, so I think I'll keep going.

That said, I'll likely switch up the format a bit; perhaps separating my F/OSS-related stuff out, and longer-form versions of some of these home/vehicular projects, possibly with detailed photos or video.

I'd also like to add more creative stuff into the mix on a regular basis; perhaps not a daily Project 365 sort of thing, but I think something on a weekly basis is achievable. Between the 3D printer, plotter/cutter, laser engraver, and of course my newly-repaired Nikon D810, I have a lot to choose from!

Anyway, onto the weekly update:



I did a lot of work on the truck:

  • Fan relay shorted out again and completely drained the battery again. The underlying problem turned out to be water dripping onto the fan controller, due to where I'd installed it -- directly underneath a drain channel that tended to overflow during heavy rain. I made a baffle out of some scrap aluminium to keep everything dry
  • Installed the new distributor. This turned into much more of a PITA than I'd anticipated, thanks to how these motors use the distributor to drive the oil pump and how I had routed the spark plug wires, but two separate blood sacrifices proved sufficient to get it running again. The old distributor was quite rusty, and its pickup coil was likely close to failing entirely instead of intermittently when hot
  • Front brake job on the truck. It now stops smoothly and evenly, with no pulling, wobble, or other fuss. I properly re-greased the caliper pins, cleaned rust off all moving surfaces, and used liberal amounts of anti-seize, so hopefully they will wear more evenly this time, and I guess I'll find out if these pads & rotors live up to their "heavy duty / towing" claims of suitability
  • Radiator cap failed, spraying coolant when under pressure. This was probably due to my sitting on it while trying to figure out while redoing the spark plug wiring for the second time

And on the WRX:

  • Drilled a drain hole in the center of the spare tire well so that at least water won't accumulate from the leak -- It seems a previous owner blocked off the spare tire retainer bolt, so the hole was the first step in fixing this properly. I still need to find a spare with the correct bolt pattern...
  • Replaced the brake pads and rotors on all four corners. The rear was in decent shape, with ~50% of the friction material remaining, but the fronts were definitely in "replace ASAP" territory, with under 10% of pad left and a lost-cause rotor on the right front. Due to a back order situation I couldn't replace the rotors with an exact match until September so I opted to upgrade all four corners to DBA's higher-end T2 series, and paired it with their aggressive "green street" pads that should be a nice step up from what I had on there before


  • Documented some error and status codes for the old Kodak 1400
  • Minor bug fix for the Kodak 8810