What I did over the past week LI


  • Finally wired the recently-installed garage vent into the lighting circuit, connected to a remote RF switch. I'm considering doing something similar for the garage lights so I can add a switch by the garage door
  • Spread more grass seed over the excavated ditch
  • Flushed out the gutters, which turned out to be a good thing as several of the downspouts were clogged up
  • Torrential rain took out some of the fasteners on gutter downspout culverts; re-secured the ones that needed it
  • Labeled the drawers of my main tool chest


  • Discovered a major leak in the trunk area in the WRX. Dried out everything, but haven't figured out exactly where is originates
  • Parts for brake jobs on the WRX and truck (front-end only) have all arrived. The distributor got delayed, and is now supposed to arrive tomorrow. It's looking like this coming holiday weekend will involve a lot of wrenching!


  • Add .gitreview file for better Gerrit integration
  • Upgrade Gerrit instance to v3.2.10


  • Add initial support for the new Kodak 6950
  • Many bug fixes for the Kodak 6900 series (still completely untested!)
  • More work on panorama printing on the Mitsubishi D90 (also untested)
  • Preliminary work on panorama printing on the DNP DS620/DS820.