What I did over the past week L


  • Repaired and re-routed the extension cord plugged into the camper
  • One of the server rack's UPSes failed; moved everything over to the remaining unit. Batteries seem okay; problem appears to be the electronics
  • Cleaned up the server rack's wiring


  • Replaced headlamp assemblies on the truck; new ones are actual glass! Did my best to align them but they probably need more work
  • Inspected the brakes on the truck and Prius; the latter is in good shape but the former is in need of replacement
  • Truck broke down on a road trip; was able to limp it home 5-10 miles at a time. Problem is most likely the distributor; either the pickup coil or ignition timing module


  • Reworked the mp3 parsing fixes to deal with regressions
  • Improved the www site's git log htmlizer
  • Fixed and improved the 'make tar' build target
  • Bug triage and review


  • Hopefully fix 8x10" printing on the Sinfonia CE1/S6245
  • Bug fixes for the Mitsubishi CP-D90 panorama mode (still untested)