What I did over the past week XLIX


  • Overdue yard cleanup; lots of fallen limbs and other miscellany
  • Seeded the re-excavated drainage ditch next to the street with grass and sunshine mimosa
  • Temporary repair for the hole punched in the siding


  • Cleaned and re-oiled the truck's air filter
  • Primary fan relay went bad on the truck, drained the battery
  • Discovered a leaking headlight housing, a blown turn signal bulb, and a blown high beam bulb. Replacements on order
  • Opted to replace the WRX's (washable) air filter due to sheer nastiness and years of mechanical damage. Idles noticeably more consistently now


  • Improved the mp3 metadata decoder's ability to handle slightly malformed (but still technically legal) files
  • Misc bug triage & patch review
  • Minor www site tweak


  • Found multiple bugs in ipp-usb, proposed fixes for some of them
  • Fixed 2x6" strip printing on Citizen CX-02 models


  • Chased down visual glitches when running under GNOME