What I did over the past week XLVIII


  • 6" thick tree branch punched a small hole through the house. Joy...


  • Long-overdue maintenance on the camper -- topped off the batteries with distilled water, emptied, bleached, and refilled the (disgusting) water tanks, stripped out all bedding, towels, etc for washing, and relocated the stash of books and games into the house.


  • Fixed a formatting error in the IRC log reader
  • Cleaned up some magic numbers in the ipod6g ATA driver
  • Fixed toolchain compilation with GCC 11
  • Finally completed project registration with the libera.chat network
  • Patch review and bug triage


  • Lots of discussions on mailing lists about the IPP and Printing Applications
  • Put together a cheap laser engraver and rotary tool. After a little tweaking I successfully burned some art onto cork coasters and scrap wood
  • Got the cutter/plotter going for the first time in a couple of years, and properly dialed it in for the material I had on hand