What I did over the past week XLV


  • Goats are all gone now, having cleared out about a quarter of the back yard. Poison ivy goes in, fertilizer comes out!
  • Burned up a lot of the stuff the goats didn't finish.
  • Un-buried the camper, and what I didn't put away properly got hauled away to the landfill. Garage is almost tidy-looking now!
  • Prep work to excavating the sand-filled bar ditch in the front yard


  • Fix a crash parsing 0-length WMA files
  • Patch review
  • Started closing (very) obsolete bug tickets
  • iBasso DX50/DX90 support 192KHz playback
  • Updated Gerrit to latest point release


  • Further test/diagnostic command decoding on the Mitsubishi D70 & D90 families
  • Correct lifetime printer counter on the Mitsubishi D70 family
  • Add support for test print modes on the Mitsubishi D90 family
  • Detect & support "HG" media on the Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S
  • Properly log small transfers from a large buffer in debug level 2
  • Consolidate some Sinfonia/Kodak parameter definitions
  • Detect Sticker media on Citizen CX02S printers