What I did over the past week XLIV


  • Upgraded shaftnet to Fedora 33. I thought it went smoothly, only to discover six hours later that incoming (or outgoing) mail wasn't working. Three hours later I finally worked out the root cause; the antivirus scanner had disabled itself and that silently took down the mail server. What a mess..
  • One of my PVC-pipe-speakers took one tumble too many. Fortunately I was able to repair it using... PVC glue. It's a good thing too; otherwise I'd have to spend about $20 for new pipe fittings.
  • Fed the burn barrel two more loads of yard trash


  • Oil changes and coolant top-offs on the truck and WRX.


  • A lot of cleanup to old/duplicated gerrit accounts. Found a bug in upstream gerrit in the process!
  • The usual patch reviews

Photo Organizer:

  • Fixed a long-standing printing bug where embedded ICC profiles were being ignored


  • Silence spurious INFO output in BACKEND_STATS_ONLY modes
  • Support built-in-self-test print generation on the Mitsubishi D70 and its siblings.