What I did over the past week XLII


  • Upgraded 3 systems to Fedora 34. More to go
  • Discovered that I likely have moles in my front yard. Between the fornicating owls outside my bedroom, the pair of red-tailed hawks across the street, and the black racer hiding in the leaves near the front door, I don't think it will be around for long.
  • Arranged to borrow some goats to clean up several large patches of poison ivy. Prep work done, goats are due to arrive Tuesday morning


  • Updated Gerrit instance from 2.16.x to 3.1.x
  • Security improvements on infrastructure
  • Minor formatting fix in the IRC log viewer
  • More bug/patch review
  • Fix some GCC11-related warnings
  • Finally put the iPod iFlash data corruption bug to rest
  • Removed several (very) obsolete targets that haven't compiled in a decade


  • Started integrating support for HiTi CS-2xx card models

Photo Organizer:

  • Fixed an regression on imports