What I did over the past week XLI


  • Cleaned out the gutters during a lull in a torrential downpour
  • Pressure washed the rest of driveway and unsuccessfully tried to lift the oil stains on the street left by the RTV900
  • Took apart the washing machine to discover the source of a rattle, which turned out to be a magnetic haematite bracelet. Also swapped out the pump motor since I already had everything apart
  • Fully disassembled the dryer in order to clean out accumulated lint


  • Washed the truck for the first time since I bought it.. 9 years ago. This was a learning experience with using the pressure washer
  • Found a water leak in the WRX that appears to be due to debris in the trunk drain channel


  • Fixes for the ALSA volume controls


  • Further HiTi P510-series fixes
  • Bug fixes on other HiTi models
  • Reworked how USB VID/PIDs are defined