What I did over the past week XL


  • Properly cleaned the garage workbench of debris going back four months
  • Emptied the last of the pre-reflooring box-o-stuff in my home office
  • Installed an 8" exhaust vent (and 740CFM fan) for the garage. It's currently switched with the attic lighting but I will change that once I figure out a sane way to drop a switch into the garage


  • On the RTV900, replaced the broken parking brake switch, the rusted-away throttle return springs, and the beginning-to-fail fuel stop solenoid
  • Pressure-washed the mildew off of the truck's bed mat. Nasty.


  • Bug triage and patch review
  • Volume limit setting wasn't respecting decimal places properly
  • Fix a stack corruption issue in the list scroll bar code
  • Enabled easy use of AddressSanitizer in sim builds
  • Rework how the Eros Q (and clones) handle software-based volume scaling
  • Make sure Eros Q keeps screen awake when mucking with the scroll wheel
  • Workaround for the very-hot 6Vpp EROS Q/K line out
  • Workaround for the mildly-hot 4.3Vpp xDuoo X3 line out
  • Fixed iBasso DX50/DX90 filesystem regression and properly handle hot-swap of the SD card


  • Fixes for the HiTi P510 series, getting closer to being able to print

Photo Organizer:

  • Make sure EXIF tags are stripped off of generated thumbnails