What I did over the past week XXXIX

After several years of procrastination, I finally ran this blog through a spell-checker, resulting in a truly embarrassing number of corrections.


  • Fixed the filament sensor on the 3D printer; it survived a 2-hour print of a more complex shape. Now only the bed proximity sensor is shot.
  • Pressure-washed nearly all of the driveway. Ran out of hose, so the last ~15ft and oil stains in the street will have to wait a bit longer.


  • Forgot to tighten the oil drain plug on the RTV900. Oops!
  • Discovered that the crankcase vent on the secondhand valve cover I put on the RTV900 isn't working properly, and the screws holding down the diaphragm cover on both the old and "new" one refuse to budge. It does seem to be getting better but I should probably plan on a new one.


  • More patch reviews
  • Helped fix some problems with cache invalidation on PortalPlayer-based devices
  • Fixed a stack overflow on the Toshiba Gigabeat-S that prevented boot up
  • Minor build system quality-of-life improvements
  • Added ability to disable/lock the touch pad on the Linux M3K port
  • Stabilization efforts with the very creaky Wiki: Purged all of the TWiki remnants and got rid of the TWikiCompatibility plugin, fixed up a lot of URLs to Rockbox addresses, and other cleanups
  • Upgraded the gerrit and forum instances to close security holes
  • Black-holed a lot of IP ranges that were collectively pounding the server; it's already made a noticeable improvement in bandwidth usage


  • Minor fixes to cutter control on DS620, DS820, and QW410
  • Progress towards continuous panorama support on the DS820 and DS620