What I did over the past week XXXVIII


  • Got my "new" inherited 3D printer working. Two sensors are flaky; after bypassing them and re-calibrating everything, it successfully created a test object. As I don't have any projects in mind beyond establishing that this thing was basically operational, this machine will get relegated to the back burner for the time being.
  • Fired up the recently-rebuilt pressure washer and used it to clean off the very mildewed path to the front door and the large pad in front of the garage. The spinny scrubber thingey did wonders, though it was not quite enough to lift the hydraulic fluid stains off the concrete. That's probably going to take some chemicals...


  • The RTV900 lives! All of the parts (and tools) I needed arrived early, so I reassembled everything over the weekend. It fired up without any fuss, so I put it all back together.


  • More patch review, including a native FiiO M3K port!
  • Added the bits needed for an M3K UISim build
  • Added the M3K builds to the build farm and theme site
  • Tweak build system to not regenerate autoconf.h unless necessary
  • A few cleanups in makefiles
  • Generic read alignment bounce buffer in the FAT code, and enabled its use by all MIPS and rk27xx ports


  • I was loaned a Fujifilm DX100 for some low-level evaluation. I know it's essentially a re-branded Epson SureColor D700, but likely with a unique inkset and possibly command protocol tweaks. I'm not sure what direction this will take, but figuring that out is kinda the point here. In the mean time, I've managed to shoehorn it into my office and will start poking at it as time permits.