What I did over the past week XXXVII


  • Internet access was down from Thursday afternoon until Monday afternoon. After five calls, they finally dispatched someone, who in turn spent over three hours on the phone with their internal support team before finally reaching someone who had the authority to actually fix the already-identified problem instead of just reading from their scripts. Feh.
  • Continued sorting out the jars-o-stuff in the garage; now I'm down to a single jar of mostly larger items.
  • Inherited a 3D printer that $dayjob wasn't using any more; did some further office reorganization to make room to set it up. After un-b0rking it from its last failed print (over two years ago!) I got it re-calibrated and tried a test print. Which failed due to supposed filament feed problems. The most likely explanation is a failed sensor that can be bypassed, but further diagnosis and testing will have to wait until I have the time for more tinkering.


  • Put the front-end (and windshield, dashboard, roll cage, and roof) back onto the RTV900 after replacing all of the steering system's hydraulic lines. Relocated the aux lights to top-mounts. Unfortunately, I didn't put the middle section (other than the floor) back together because...
  • ...because after connecting the dashboard, I boneheadedly cranked the motor prior to attaching the air filter assembly, sucking a thin nitrile glove into its unprotected intake. Suffice it to say that this was... bad.
  • After pulling the head off of the RTV's motor (destroying the valve cover in the process, thank-you-two-seized-bolts), I freed the charred glove remnants from cylinder 2's valves, discovering a notable lack of damage to the valves or head. The piston appears fine too, and the motor turns over smoothly, but there's always a possibility of damage to a rod or the crank/bearings. Still, diesel motors are notoriously tough, so it's worth picking up the parts I need to get everything back together. (Secondhand valve cover, one valve cover bolt, one exhaust manifold bolt, and a set of top-end gaskets. Plus the throttle return spring that rusted apart at some point..) I won't likely have everything I need until next week, but I'm beginning to feel cautiously optimistic. Fingers crossed!


  • Reviewed a few more patches before my internet connection crapped out.
  • Re-enabled xDuoo X3's ADC shutdown on ROLO.


  • Report the main firmware version in the status dump on the Mitsubishi CP-D90 and CP-M1 families.
  • The Kodak 8810 now supports panorama print sizes (8x14 all the way to 8x36). Untested.