What I did over the past week XXXVI


  • Mounted a 44-drawer storage unit above my workbench in the garage, and emptied and sorted over half of my "miscellaneous jars" (and a bunch of other packages of doodads) into properly labeled drawers. Most of what remains is a large pile of loose screws. I have mixed feelings about this; on one hand it's clearly a huge and necessary organizational improvement. On the other hand... this is one of those "I'm officially old" milestones..


  • Got the WRX's air conditioning system back together, evacuated and recharged it, and now it's blowing properly cold air for the first time in many months. This was just as much of a PITA as it was when I did this about two years ago. While time will tell if there remains a slow leak, it's clear that if I'd used the OEM o-rings the last time this repeat ordeal wouldn't have been necessary. Bleh.
  • While hunting for a dropped o-ring, I discovered one of the WRX's front sub-frame mounting bolts had backed out about 1/4 of an inch.
    Yowza. Checked all the others.
  • Wrangled the rudderless RTV900 into the garage so I could replace the blown high pressure power steering hose. I'll pick up the final hose in the morning, and the plan is to get it back together over the next couple of evenings.


  • Reviewed more patches; I hope this increased pace of contributions continues!
  • Got the xDuoo X3II working with inline remote controls.
  • Consolidated and sped up some battery query code on the Hiby-based players.
  • Made the powersave-disabling workarounds for the FC1307A ATA->SD chipsets (as used by the popular iFlash adapters) more nuanced so that we can properly power down the entire ATA subsystem when idle.
  • Quality-of-life improvements to daily build download page.
  • Key map improvements to the X3ii, X20, and EROS Q/K.


  • The Kodak 8810 now supports panorama print sizes (8x14 all the way to 8x36). Untested.
  • Added backend support for the new Fujifilm ASK-500. Untested.