What I did over the past week XXXV


  • Gave shaftnet its quarterly maintenance.
  • Removed a broken branch dangling over the driveway and chainsaw'd a different ~15' branch that came down earlier in the week.
  • Rerouted the extension cord supplying power to the camper across the garage ceiling instead of across the floor.
  • Greased the wheels on the garage door. Marginally quieter now.
  • Continued organizational improvements in the garage, making more efficient use of of the shelving.
  • Cleaned out the gutters and burned another barrelful of yard detritus while sweeping up a couple more loads of leaves.. until the RTV broke.


  • One of the truck's headlight bulbs literally exploded. Replaced.
  • Replaced the WRX's radiator cap with a proper OEM unit.
  • Identified the source of the WRX's A/C leak: bad O-rings at the evaporator coil/expansion valve junction. Unfortunately the new valve had the same type of not-quite-right O-rings, so the car remains inoperable while a complete OEM set remains on order with dealer.
  • Since I had the dashboard opened up anyway, I used the opportunity to re-route the dashcam power, radio auxiliary input, and Bluetooth wiring neatly out of the way, in a properly secured manner.
  • While sweeping up leaves, the RTV blew the high pressure hydraulic supply line to the steering system. As this model has no mechanical linkage to the steering rack, this resulted in a total loss of steering control. Given the utter PITA factor involved in replacing the blown hose (have to remove the windshield, roof, roll bars, front cowling, seat belts, seats, floor, air filter housing, both side cowlings, auxiliary lighting, steering wheel, and dashboard...) and the equal vintage of the rest of the steering hoses, it seemed prudent to replace all five at the same time. Parts on order.


  • Bug fixes to the MIPS caching code (a collaborative effort)
  • Fixed long-standing issue with ROLO when voice prompts are enabled.
  • Some minor code janitorial work.
  • Fixed the broken en-US "translation" that resulted in an invalid voicefile being generated. Tweaked the build scripts to properly handle (and properly report) this class of error.
  • Fixed an unrelated language dependency issue that could local changes to result in incorrect non-English language files.
  • Fixed a settings menu bug with the USB mode selection.
  • Added the ability to set the relative volume of the voice prompts.
  • Reviewed and merged several more patches.


  • Minor documentation updates.