What I did over the past week XXXIV


  • Finally filed my taxes after a third pass.
  • Reworked a few things about the home network, fixing multiple issues that prevented zeroconf/avahi from working reliably.
  • Major tune-up on the leaf blower; it's finally running well.
  • Got the other three small motor-powered tools running and warmed up.
  • Replaced the recessed light over the master shower with a fixture containing a fan. Very cramped quarters, foot-thick blown-in insulation, and beams/studs in unexpected places made this far more of a PITA than it needed to be. Still sore three days later.


  • Reviewed and merged a bunch of patches.
  • Fixed a crash in the perceptual bass enhancement code.
  • Fixed longstanding dependency bug in the build system.
  • Fixed a SWCODEC-removal-related bug in the standalone database tool that prevented non-mp3 metadata parsers from being included.


  • selphy_print regression suite made slightly stricter.
  • Fixed a couple of minor memory leaks in the Kodak 1400 and 605 backends.
  • Enable support for HiTi P510, P518, and P728 series (all untested!)