What I did over the past week XXXIII


  • Further office storage consolidation, now with labels!
  • Wrapped the fiber-optic cables for a work system with a split-loom harness to protect them from a certian kitty who thinks they are made of noms.
  • Second pass on my taxes; It's now up to 15 forms and schedules.
  • Picked up an old steel barrel, punched holes in it and burned up a big load of yard trash.
  • Cleaned out the gutters and hauled off 10 more bags of leaves (total: 80)
  • Picked up a pressure washer with a catastrophically-blown pump. Removing what was left of the old pump was an unexpected ordeal; its internal seals had failed, causing the end of the shaft to corrode and seize. I ended up cutting away the casing with an angle grinder to expose the pump's swash plate and shaft, after which I judicuously applied a blow torch, PB Blaster, and a slide hammer. It's now ready for a new pump; I'll be replacing the failed axial cam unit with a more robust triplex unit.


  • Cleaned up the truck's under-hood wiring using some spare split looms.
  • Rewound the cable on the RTV's winch, liberally dousing it with WD-40 to help prevent further rusting, and bent the fairlead mount back into the correct position. Finally picked up a proper winch cover too.


  • Minor fix in the mpeg-4 metadata decoder