What I did over the past week XXXI


  • It's tax season. Started assembling all the paperwork needed, and researching how to properly account for selling my old Melbourne house.
  • Moved backup drive out of a USB enclosure into an unused hot-swap bay in the server.
  • Hung up a new ironing board rack and relocated some wall art.
  • Big storm knocked out power and lots of bits off the trees; cleaned up most of the mess.
  • Split up my big heavy trunk of camera gear into three smaller watertight containers; Core lenses & accessories, Lighting, and DX+Specialty lenses. Recharged all batteries.
  • Put together a new hyper-adjustable desk chair, replacing the old one that broke back before Thanksgiving.


  • Got a serial console on the v1.3 Hifiwalker H2. From there I extracted the flash images and through some skulduggery, was able to generate a flashable "stock" v1.3 image. I'm holding off on a v1.2->v1.3 update for the time being.
  • Generated a "patched" v1.3 image for use with Rockbox, and added support for this variation into rbutil.
  • Enhanced the daily voice builds to run in parallel.


  • Multiple bug fixes for the SELPHY CP790, which has apparently been broken for quite some time.
  • Properly report loaded media type for the CP790.
  • Some internal simplifications in the other SELPHY code.
  • Take the URI_PREFIX from the executable name instead of hard coding at compile-time.