What I did over the past week XXIX


  • Swapped out the guts of my 2012-ish FX8320E-based workstation for a 2016-ish Xeon E5-1660v4 with double the RAM and considerably more oomph. In the process, wiped the rarely-used (and barely functional) Win7 partition and converted the Fedora Linux image to boot from UEFI and rejiggered the storage so that all $dayjob-related stuff is on a dedicated drive.
  • Re-imaged a recently-retired server to prepare it to replace the (13+-year-old) one I have at the tick farm.
  • Started sorting out the paperwork I'll need to file last year's tax return.


  • Continued work on the D90 panorama; it's now ready for testing. Fixed a few unrelated issues uncovered by the regression suite, and started on preliminary work on enabling panoramas on the DNP DS620 & DS820.


  • Fix a problem generating firmware updates for recent AGPTek Rockers.
  • Spent some time digging into the FiiO M3K 1.4.5 firmware update. In short; it's more of the same hacky mess, with further changes to their kernel that aren't captured in their now-3-year-old source dump.