What I did over the past week XXVIII


  • Unclogged the tiny fuel filter in the leaf blower's carburetor. It's still not quite right but considerably improved.
  • Cleaned out the gutters, swept up three loads of new leaves, and hauled another 10 bags off to the landfill (total: 70)


  • Changed the front O2 sensor on the WRX; The old one was pretty beat up, literally -- whoever had installed it didn't use the proper tool, actually bending the old sensor, damaging the insulation on its wiring, failed to properly secure and route the wire, and did a crappy splice repair on a broken lead near the connector. It somehow managed to hold on for five years before finally giving out.


  • Properly report the -S variants of the Mitsubishi CP-D70 family.
  • Bug fix relating to job detection mismatches on the Selphy CP790 & ES40.
  • Preliminary support for printing panoramas on the Mitsubishi D90.