What I did over the past week XXVII


  • Installed a couple small stylish shelves in the master bathroom.
  • Resumed doing yard work; bagged and hauled off another 10 30-gallon bags (running total: 60)
  • Further consolidated/organized some of the storage in the home office; now I'm down to just one box of "misc" stuff that needs proper sorting, mostly into the garage. Incremental progress FTW!
  • Properly rack-mounted shaftnet and its UPS, finally moving from its temporary home (of >1.5 years) on top of a small filing cabinet. Replaced a failing case fan too.


  • The WRX's O2 sensor doesn't like this cold weather, throwing an open circuit code every other time I get in the car. New one on order.

Photo Organizer:

  • Moved to better-descriptive directory names in he on-disk photo repository.


  • Cleaned out a lot of old test jobs that were no longer needed.
  • Some spelunking into the firmware for the Mitsubishi CP-D90DW-P. The eventual goal is to identify a way to query print counters, but it's probably a pipe dream at this point.