What I did over the past week XXVI

Today was my first day at work in about three weeks. The downtime was much needed, and the extended chunk of time allowed me to tackle several large projects. The week before, it was vehicular stuff, but this time, it was household.


  • Replaced the carpet my home office and one of the bedrooms with laminate flooring that matches the rest of the house. This was a major project, taking the better part of five full days of pretty heavy labor. Two rooms remain, but they are gated on further logistical wrangling.


  • IRC logger storage script didn't handle the new year changeover. Fixed without any data loss.


  • As part of my home office re-flooring, I had to empty off (and move) the shelves that held my entire collection of printers. I used this opportunity to neatly organize the wiring (USB, power, Ethernet, oh my!) and cleaned up enough cat hair to stuff a pillow.