What I did over the past week XXV


  • Upgraded a few more straggler home systems to Fedora 33. Pro tip: During upgrades, make sure your systems are plugged into a UPS than can handle a sustained power outage. Yay for backups.
  • Continued tweaking of the garage storage & organization, which proved its worth over the past week.
  • Swept up another seven loads of leaves, and hauled off all of the branches downed by inclement weather.


  • Finally replaced the WRX's timing belt and water pump. The old belt and all but one of the idlers turned out to be in decent shape, but the hydraulic tensioner was showing signs of leaking. Additionally, the water pump was clearly past its prime, with quite a bit of corrosion on its impeller and fittings, plus a lot of scale
  • While I had the front-end of the WRX in pieces, I pulled and rebuilt the power steering pump. It's now nice and quiet.
  • Managed to introduce a massive leak into the A/C system; apparently the depressurization cycle (I had to pull the condenser coils to gain sufficient clearance to remove the crank pulley) caused something to fail; evidence is leaning towards the expansion valve or evaporator coils buried inside the air handler. Joy!


  • USB events now reset the power-off timer; no longer will an unplug trigger an immediate shutdown.


  • Add support for the Mitsubishi CP-M1/M15's new 'Vivid' color profile.